Who we are


We hunt, fish, forage, preserve & cook. We do it because it gives us a deep sense of pride, rootedness, and nourishment to be connected to our food. We do it because we want to be active participants in the natural world. We do it to honor our hard-won experiences in the field. We do it because we know the abundance to be found at the untamed table. 



Wade Truong

Self taught chef from Virginia. Avid fisherman and late onset hunter. Loves cooking for friends and exploring new ingredients and flavors. Terrible with a duck call. 

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I’ve spent most of my life in Virginia and consider myself a native. I didn’t grow up outdoors, the outdoors grew on me. Hunting, fishing, foraging, cooking, preserving, and fermentation are my interests.



Tater Tot

#1 recipe tester, couch warmer, big snoozer, happy baby

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