Sea Duck Merguez

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Merguez is a spicy sausage that traditionally hails from northern Africa. Usually made with beef or lamb, any lean game meat will do for this recipe. The aggressive spice of this recipe is ideal for use with stronger or off flavored game. Sea ducks, which have a reputation of being less than desirable table fare, are a shoo in for this recipe. Be sure to remove all fat from the meat of any off flavored game. The fat is generally where the majority of the strong flavors come from, especially when heat is applied and the fat oxidizes.

We leave our uncased and crumble it into dishes, like the dirty rice above. You can also case it and use it in tagines or cassoulets, or slice it as a spicy addition to your charcuterie board.


Sea Duck Merguez



2000g sea duck meat (breasts and/or legs, trimmed of all fat)

450g pork fat

40g salt

5g sugar

4g hot pepper flake

18g minced garlic

250g roasted red pepper, small dice

6g black pepper

16g paprika

16g fresh oregano, minced

80mlred wine

40ml ice water

(Forgive Wade’s spelling…)

(Forgive Wade’s spelling…)



Mix all ingredients, minus water and wine, grind through coarse die of your meat grinder. Add water and wine to the ground meat and spice mixture, then mix well with paddle attachment or wooden spoon. Stuff into hog casings (optional).